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August 13th, 2018


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Market News

The summer afternoon rains are here and it’s a little soggy in the Suncoast! This is the time of year small farms are preparing for fall crops, and we are no exception. We have turned off the water on the majority of the summer greens in preparation of transplanting new seedlings. So, unfortunately our offerings on the market will be very little for the next few weeks.

For all of us who live and love our Florida Suncoast, we are with a heavy heart over the loss of all the sea life washing ashore dead from Ft. Myers to Tampa.  So many people and businesses have been  impacted, like charter boat captains, commercial fisherman,  bait  and tackle shops, to  hotel and beach cottage rentals, from the RED TIDE and TOXIC ALGAE from Lake Okeechobee. Our beaches are empty, but if you try to walk the beach, the smell of dead and rotting fish and RED TIDE burn your eyes and the inside of your nose and throat. The finger of blame is pointed everywhere, and many fingers are pointed at  big agriculture.
This is not new, the problem has been growing for at least 30 years. So isn’t NOW the time to resolve the problem permanently and look  objectively  to the “economic opportunities” in other parts of the state that are overshadowing the overall health of Florida and the planet? 

We welcome all the  new members who are  signing up for the on line market. We made a decision long ago to keep costs at a minimum for members, growers, and producers  and that includes not charging a membership fee.for the on line farmers market.   For those of you who are new to the market, please remember we are small farms, with a small margin of profit, if  you fail to pick up or pay for your order, you  may be impacting the financial health of the small farm, and their willingness to participate in the on line farmers market..  

A reminder:
You should be able to click on FLORIDASUNCOAST.LOCALLYGROWN.NET on the above contact box, and it should take you right to the MARKET page.

Whats new this week?

PEACH PIT FARMS –Check out the new  varieties of microgreens listed this week,  plus Red Okra, Blackberry Jam, Daikon Radish, Ginger, Pea Tendrils, and Sunflower Shoots, and has added new items this week of, Mustard Wasabina microgreens, Purple Kohlrabi microgreens, and a Spicy Mustard.Blend Microgreen.

FEATHERED OAKS FARMS –Will be closing his sales a little early this week. Please make all purchases before Tuesday afternoon for a Saturday Delivery.  Special bulk prices on eggs are in limited supply.

MY MOTHERS GARDENS – Small Herb plants as well as cut bunches.

GREENS ON THE GRO FARM – Collard Greens and Okinawa Spinach in limited supply..

FLORIDA SUNCOAST MARKET – has added certified organic beets no tops, and new order of organic garlic, along with certified organic sweet potatoes, and rainbow carrots and cremini mushroons..

SLOW FOOD KITCHENS continues to supply samples of their yummy snacks that are. ORGANICRAWGLUTEN FREEVEGAN. with all orders. Have you tried their KALE CHIPS AND SALTY CARAMEL PEPITOS YET?

ALDAY FARM, A Florida Raw Cow and Goat Milk Diary, is listing Raw Goat and Cow Milk in quarts and gallons this week. Future listing will include kefir, creme, and butter. ( for pet consumption)

A SIMPLER PLACE IN TIME FARM & MARKET, in Riverview debuts this week with Buttermilk Biscuits from scratch, (in 2 sizes)  Granola, and a really yummmmmy Vegan Chocolate Cake.

We sit here this evening with our fingers and toes crossed and pray for a mild hurricane season. We are thankful for the daily rain that is changing our brown pasture and yard to a gorgeous green. As we enjoy the beneficial rain showers, we read about the 66 tons of dead fish that washed up on Sarasota beaches last week and really hope and pray that excessive rain fall stops flowing to our Florida Rivers south to Lake Okeechobee…What would it look like if we had another dump of toxic algae into our Gulf of Mexico look like?

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!
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