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Alday Farm is a local raw Cow and Goat Dairy.
Our herd of 35 cows graze on 115 acres of specially selected burmuda grass.
Cows are 100% grass fed spring, summer and fall and supplemented in winter when grass production slows with Barley, Peas and Oats for added protein and energy.At milking time cows receive non gmo Alfalfa hay.
Goats have non GMO Alfalfa free choice and get our own special mix of grains at milking.
We never feed any GMO’s,Corn, Soy or Cotton Seed products to cows or Goats.
We are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free as well and do not use glyphosate or any artificial fertilizer on pastures.
All milking, clean up and processing are done by my husband and myself to maintain constant quality control.
Along with milk we also offer Butter, Cream, Kefir, and Soft Cheese Spreads.
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