Resized_20180426_140337 Pasture raised chicken (Frozen)
Grower: Feathered Oaks Farm
Price: $20.50 ( 4-5 lbs and up)
%> Available (Exact): 10
Nutritional Info

Our pasture raised chickens live a healthy life out on fresh green grass,fresh air and sunshine with an all you can eat buffet of bugs, insects, seeds, grass and anything they can find. Our birds are moved daily to a new fresh area where they can freely roam and graze our pastures. Our chickens never receive any antibiotics, hormones or stimulates ever, and we truly mean it. We believe chicken should act like a chicken in their natural environment. Our chicken do not need any drugs because they are moved every day to fresh grass so they are never have to live in their own mess and it also encourages them to graze the grass which makes them healthier and healthier for the consumer as well. We also rotationally graze our chickens because they help build better soil giving that are better nutrients and fertility. Our chickens live the good life and you will notice the difference